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Why is finance important?

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Why is finance important? Empty Why is finance important?

Post by Mike Thu May 25, 2023 9:57 pm

Finance is important because it helps to **keep economies running smoothly**, **create new businesses and industries**, **invest in important projects** that could help improve the economy, and **ensure that people have the money they need to live their lives**¹. Finance also helps people to **save and invest** for their future goals, **avoid bad debt** that could harm their financial well-being, and **have an emergency fund** to cover unexpected expenses². Finance is important to live peacefully and understand the world².


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Why is finance important? Empty Why finance is important?

Post by Zackie Fri May 26, 2023 9:18 pm

It certainly has an important dimension in raising the economic level, I agree with you absolutely I love you I love you


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